Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds (November 2021)


Minecraft has a vast array of unique worlds to explore which can be automatically and randomly generated by seeds; codes that will create magnificent lands for you with significant landmarks, clear routes for exploration, entrancing dungeons, and loot for the masses. Notably, these codes will make every survival run more unique for your playtime each run around with new locations and places to explore with yourself perhaps even being the very first to uncover them. Further, the 1.18 update affects the world generation of new seeds significantly with world height and depth being altered and biomes brimming with diverse flora. This guide article will take you over some of the best Minecraft 1.18 seeds to input and gleefully venture through the bucolic lands. Before continuing with this guide, make sure to follow the instructions on how to download and active the experimental 1.18 pack below which will allow you access to all of these seeds mentioned.

Activating the 1.18 Experimental Pack

All of the seeds mentioned below will not generate the same locations if the experimental pack is not firstly installed but luckily the process to install it and set it up is simple once understood and explained. Go to the link and scroll down the page until finding the ‘INSTALLATION’ section of the page. There will be a downloadable ZIP file which you should download, at this point, open up the windows icon on your laptop or PC and type in ‘%AppData%, open up the file location which should have placed you in the ‘roaming’ directory. Look for a file named ‘.minecraft’, open it up and go to ‘versions’, when you have opened that file pause for a moment.

Open up a second file browser tab with the first one you opened at one half of the screen and the newly opened one on the other side. Go to the ‘downloads’ directory and ensure the ZIP file has downloaded and then right-click on the file and ‘extract all’ the contents into the downloads path. Afterwards, hold left click on the file and drag it into your other file browser in the Minecraft Versions folder and place it in the file.

Now open up Minecraft and go to the ‘installations’ tab on the Minecraft launcher homepage and press ‘new installation’ then name it whatever you want but under the ‘versions’ section, make sure to press ‘pending 1.18_experimental-snapshot-3’ and now simply press on ‘create’ and you are now ready to use the pack before the main release of the update to experience the best Minecraft 1.18 seeds.


A Paradox of Biomes — Seed: 65760

This particular seed opens up an avenue to witnessing one of the most unique natural landscapes in Minecraft seen so far. Boot up Minecraft and input this seed into the system and at the precise coordinates of 700°, 126°, 21° you will discover a village surrounded by mountains with streams of glistening snow cascading down towards the centre like an inverse volcano. A village is firmly planted in the middle surrounded by lush foresty and the flip of reality seen in the land is a sight to behold.

Notably, the player will be placed into a Taiga biome when first spawning in the world, the Taiga biome will usually have spruce trees and ferns to harvest along with wolves, foxes, sweet berry bushes, pillager outposts, villages, and more. This information will be beneficial to know for Survival mode.

The ‘Cannonball Impact’ Mountain — Seed: 5476763365282431589

Given the nature of this particular seeds landmark, a name more suitable for what it is akin to is shown above. At the precise coordinates once again of -2399°, 104°, -428° you will find a sweeping view including a mountain with a ginormous chasm ruptured down into the depths almost as if a cannonball has landed inside it and obliterated the cliffside. Inside the mountain is a bountiful cave system with ore galore and ultimately leads to an aquifer opening.

Alongside the mountain, there is a nicely placed savannah village with bridges connecting the two landmasses on either side of a river. This may be the perfect hike for all of you folks who enjoy going on adventures in Minecraft.


The land of the Ice Torches — Seed: torch

Adding to the list of the best Minecraft 1.18 seeds is ‘torch’ which will give players an environment to make many memories within. At the spawn point, the player will be situated close to what almost seems like a lake ad mountain of ice, filled with ice spikes ravaging across it and at the peak of which is an amethyst geode alongside a ravine.

The almost obelisk nature of the world which this seed brings upon the players will surely offer something new to the player base. Notably, there are a vast array of biomes in this seed that can be used for efficient supply gathering in Survival mode.

The Crater Bay — Seed: -1253125704604010508

There is yet another seed that offers a unique experience in the 1.18 snapshot pack and this is the above seed that will place the player in a world that contains a lake surrounded by oppressive cliffsides making for a breathtaking view. The lake can be found at the coordinates of 440°, 120° -1500°. Reddit User ‘AkraticCritic‘ unveiled this great seed to the masses as shown above.

Once you have arrived at the lake, you will be able to look at the vista and begin to plan what you want to do in the area, whether that be building a lakeside house on one of the cliffs or gathering resources along the sides. There is also rumour of cave systems held near the lake which will certainly make for an even more enjoyable experience for players.

The Cave of Grandeur — Seed: 532430641

Keeping with the theme of players helping other players, another Reddit user found a cave system which players have noted in the comments has a lot to offer with the building ideas seemingly flowing throughout. The Cave system is generated in such a way that it almost seems as though the main landmass is being pillared by the great structures within the world.

It should be noted that this location can be found through the use of the seed in the ‘Bedrock’ edition of Minecraft at the coordinates of -330°, 120°, -50°.

Will you be venturing through the best Minecraft 1.18 seeds this month?

Minecraft is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Seris X/S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, IOS, Android, and many more platforms.


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