10 Games with Great Character Customization


Are you looking to immerse yourself into a game by creating that absolutely perfect character? Then let’s dive into some of my top 10 favorite games with great character customization options and mechanics.

Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is going to be the only MMORPG I place on this list. Everyone knows MMO’s are famous for character creation and immersion, but even as a WOW fan, I think that ESO does it the best. The depth you can take the character customization options is more indepth than most MMOs, not to mention that playing as each of the different races really gives you that feeling of individualism in playstyle and appearance.


Cyber Punk 2077

You can say just about anything negative regarding a game and it would probably apply to Cyber Punk 2077 at some point in its short life. All of its current and previous issues aside however, one thing the game does well is let you create one cool looking character. Cyper Punk has enough character customization options to last you a long time. With all of the inhuman abilities you can use to build up your character to the actual physical attributes you can give them to look totally unique will leave you beyond ready to tackle everything Midnight City throws at you… Assuming the game doesn’t crash on you.


Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a classic that objectively has the best-looking graphics and character creation from any Bethesda Software’s game to date. You not only get to make a fairly hyper realistic character, but you can go as creative with it as you want. While there are lots of starting concepts to choose from there is also a solid face-sculpting aspect that is well implemented and lets the pickiest of players go to town. The customization in this game is great and undoubtedly holds up today, so what are you waiting for? Go make that wastelander!


Greed Fall

Greed Fall is one of the most underrated indie RPG’s out there and it practically exclaims elegance in all of its visuals, and yes that extends to its character customization tool. While the options for manipulating your character’s facial structure are fairly limited, the UI and overall layout of each section are well-organized. You are also able to design a very unique looking character even with the limitations to the edits. This really helps the player immerse themselves in a world that they are not all too familiar with, it being an indie game.


Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen

Speaking from a place of heavy nostalgia, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen offers the absolute best character creation. However, like I said, that is probably coming from the heavy wave of nostalgia and happiness I get from playing the game. That said, the game offers some incredible facial, vocal, and physical customization options. You could get really weird with it, or you can make the most battle-hardened knight or scholarly mage the world has ever seen. That said you will not be tied down to creating just one character, as Dragon’s Dogma lets you create your own follower with just as much detail as you spent on the first.  This is a great fantasy game that allows you to truly immerse yourself in it with an expansive character creation system.


Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition is another game that offers face-sculpting across four races to pick from: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Qunari. Inquisition is another fantasy game that allows you to put as much effort as you want into making that unique character. You can go crazy with it or simply create your perfect version of an elf. This is another game that can have you lost for hours making your character, and if that is what you are looking to do then this game will certainly give you the ability to do that.


Code Vein

This Dark Souls inspired anime vampire title has a lot to offer, and one of those things includes one of the best anime style character creation systems. Code Vein has a very indepth character creation tool that not only lets you make that perfect anime vampire, but allow you to add unique blemishes, tattoos (face paint), or other defining features you may desire for your blood thirsty protagonist. With strong gameplay and a compelling story, you will have a hard time not losing yourself in the world of Code Vein once your perfect character is made.


Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World presents you with a character creation system that will have you forgoing some seriously incredible looking helmets in order to show off that perfectly sculpted face. In arguably one of the best and most detailed character creation systems to date, Monster Hunter World gives you so many options when it comes to designing your hunter. This creation doesn’t only apply to your player character though, like Dragon’s Dogma, you get the chance to design your NPC follower. Unlike Dragon’s Dogma though, your follower is an awesome little cat dude, and designing those fluffballs is almost even more fun than designing your own character. Remember this character and your companion are going to be taking down some of the most ferocious creatures you’ve ever faced in gaming, so get to creating and protect that face!


Demons Souls Remake

Demons Souls graphics put on a textbook showcase of the PS5’s graphical power, and it especially shows this off in its character creation. Unlike past Dark Souls games, Demon’s Souls has a truly Indepth character creation process that has the graphics to produce some great looking character models. In previous games you really had to work hard to make a good-looking character, but even then, they would only ever come out decent looking. Now, you have the opportunity to make your perfectly ideal character to go up against any of the numerous overpowered bosses. While it may be hard keeping that helmet off in order to pad your stats for the difficulty that is Demons Souls, you might have to consider it if you spend as much time as I did in the character creation menu.


Jump Force

Jump Force has certainly had its fair share of issues and negative responses. However, something that tends to get overshadowed by nitpicky gameplay issues is their anime character creation system. It is by far the best anime styled creation out right now, with facial expressions, hair styles, colors, and many other features that take inspiration from all of the game’s represented animes’. Have you ever wanted to input yourself into the Naruto, HunterXHunter, Dragon Ball, One Piece, or even Yu-Gi-Oh worlds? Then Jump Force will undoubtedly provide you with the chance to do just that. Check out the video below to see some of the potential fun you can have customizing that next great anime protagonist.

Of course there are many games with great character customization, but with this list we’ve boiled it down to some of our favorite ones.  Thanks for reading this list of games with good character customization options and if you’ve got others that you think should’ve made this list feel free to reach out via Twitter to let us know @FanboyAttack. 


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